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Benefits of a Hand Washing versus an Automatic Wash

While automatic car washes have advanced greatly in the past decade, their lack of contact tends to greatly hinder their ability to completely clean a vehicle.
What this means is, that in most cases, even an amateur hand washing will be more effective at removing dirt and grime than an automatic washing. For proper exterior care, washing is onl...y the first step. Claying, polishing and waxing follows. These additional processes help to remove embedded contaminants, as well as to restore the luster of a damaged finish.

A hand washing helps to identify such problems, as well as give the ability to pay trouble spots additional attention. None of these steps have a comparable step in automatic washing with the exception of waxing.

Though results from an automatic waxing tend to leave much to be desired. In addition, most automatic washes will use either air drying, or a hand drying with a towel.

These methods tend to leave extensive water spotting and exterior scratching respectively when compared to a proper hand drying with a clean, micro fiber cloth. For expensive or vintage vehicles, hand washing may be worth the trouble.ere.

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Benefits of a Hand Washing versus an Automatic Wash
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